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How much will your State Pension be?

Pension reforms in April 2016 introduced the new State Pension.  The maximum entitlement is currently £159.55 a week, however most people reaching State Pension Age this year won’t be entitled to this full amount. 

Government rules state that to qualify for the full amount of the new flat rate State Pension (applicable to those reaching their State Pension Age after 6 April 2016) you must have built up 35 years’ worth of National Insurance credits.  The BT Pension Scheme used to be “contracted-out” and this may affect the level of National Insurance credits you have built up.

How do I find out what my State Pension will be?

You can contact the Future Pension Centre on 0345 3000 168, or write to the address below and they will let you know how many qualifying years you have and what your State Pension entitlement will be.

Future Pension Centre
The Pension Service 9
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LU

You can also register for the personal tax account at where you can view your National Insurance record and see all your qualifying years.

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