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Closure of the BT Pension Scheme

BT has announced the closure of Section B and C of the Scheme to future accrual in early summer 2018, having reached an agreement with the Communication Workers Union and Prospect. BT currently intends to close the Scheme from 31 May 2018, in line with their previous announcement in relation to the closure of the Scheme for managers. However, there are some complex administration-related issues that the Trustee is working to resolve. In the event that these issues impact the timetable BT will provide a further update to employees.

BT has sent a communication to all Section B and C team members today confirming the changes which BT intends to make to the Scheme. Managers in Section B and C of the Scheme will already have received a communication from BT on 5 February 2018 detailing the closure of the Scheme to future accrual and future benefit arrangements. BT will be providing further details on these changes to team members and managers, in the meantime if you have any questions please call the BT Helpdesk on 0800 083 5056; visit the FAQs at snip.bt.com/pensions or email bt.pensionsreview@wealthatwork.co.uk

Please note that Section A of the Scheme remains open to future accrual.

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