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Pensions Portal

What is the Pensions Portal?

The Pensions Portal is an internal website which enables active members of the BT Pension Scheme to manage benefits online.

What can I do on the Pensions Portal?

From the Pensions Portal, active members can:

  • view personal details;
  • view and print benefit statements;
  • model retirement benefits;
  • model the tax implications of contribution or benefit increases;
  • view and manage Additional Voluntary Contributions;
  • view, print and update Expression of Wish information; and
  • view, print and update Audit Dependant information

How can I access the Pensions Portal?

You can only access the Pensions Portal if you are an active member and you are using the BT network.

If you are an active member and you are using the BT network, click the 'go to Pensions Portal' button below to continue to the Pensions Portal.

Members who have a deferred pension or pension in payment do not have access to the Pensions Portal at this time and should continue to contact Accenture.

go to Pensions Portal