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Section A

Death in service

If you die while you are still employed with the company and are an Active Member of the Scheme, then the following benefits will be paid:

  • A minimum lump sum of three times your Final Pensionable Salary; and
  • A Spouse's / Civil Partner's pension and Children's pensions.

If there is no Spouse or Civil Partner, at the discretion of the Trustee, an Adult Dependant's pension may be payable.

Lump sum

If you die whilst in Pensionable Service a minimum lump sum of three times your Final Pensionable Salary (or the lump sum which would have been paid if you had been retired on medical grounds at the date of your death, if greater) will be paid to your beneficiaries.

For more information please refer to the Death in Pensionable Service section of the Explanatory booklet for Section A Members which can be found in the Useful documents section of this website.

Spouse's / Civil Partner's / Adult Dependant's pension

A pension for life will also be paid to your Spouse or Civil Partner. If you do not have a spouse or civil  partner, you may nominate an Adult Dependant to the Trustee who may then consider them for a pension.

This pension will be calculated up to a maximum of half the pension you would have received on ill-health retirement (i.e. calculated on enhanced Pensionable Service).

However, your Pensionable Service for this purpose will be based on your Pensionable Service since 1 June 1972, or from the date of joining the contributory part of the Scheme, if earlier.

Children's pensions

A pension may also be paid to a dependent child or children.