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Membership of the Scheme offers you many valuable benefits. Not only does it present you with an opportunity to plan for your retirement but you also have the peace of mind that your family will be looked after in the event of your death. Lots more information on these benefits can be found on this website and in the Member Booklet, but at a glance these benefits are:

An income in retirement

On retirement, you will receive a pension payable for life plus a lump sum.

Employer contributions

The Company is responsible for paying the amount required to provide the benefits promised by the DB Section of the Scheme and its administration costs after allowance is made for the contributions paid by the Members (currently 6% of their Pensionable Salary). See What you pay for more information.

Additional Voluntary Contributions

The opportunity to make Additional Voluntary Contributions and increase your future benefits.

Benefits linked to employment

The benefits you receive are linked to your period of Pensionable Service with the Company and your Final Pensionable Salary.

Death benefits

Benefits are provided whether you die before or after retirement. The death benefits payable will depend on your situation at the time of death.

24/7 Secure online access

The Pensions Portal provides 24/7 access to the secure members area where you can review your pension.