Welcome to the BT Pension Scheme Website

This site is for ALL members* of the BT Pension Scheme, one of the largest in the UK. If you are a new employee or non-member employed by BT please visit the BT Retirement Saving Scheme website instead.

Membership of the BTPS falls into one of three "sections":  

  • Section A is for members who joined before 1 December 1971.
  • Section B is for members who joined the Scheme between 1 December 1971 and 31 March 1986.
  • Section C is for members who last joined the Scheme on or from 1 April 1986 but before the Scheme closed on 31 March 2001.

If you are unsure which Section you are a member of, please contact us. You can find out details of your specific benefits under the Section menus above. Other information in this site is generic and applies to all members.

We hope that you find the information useful.


* This site replaces the previous site at this address (for former BT Group employees with deferred pension benefits and Scheme pensioners) and also supplements BT's company intranet content, which is only accessible to employees.

No information contained in this site alters any member’s benefits or entitlement under the Scheme's trust deed and rules which can be amended from time to time. In the event of there being any difference between the information set out on this intranet site and the provisions of the Scheme’s current trust deed and rules, the latter will prevail.